Arrival Appointments for GD Rally

You will need to make an appointment to get the rig weighed when you arrive at the GD Rally. We won't be sitting out at the weighing site. So, this form is to set a weighing appointment as you arrive.  If these arrival time windows do not work with your schedule, then we will also weigh RVs on the departure day or you're welcome to email us with a question.
This form is ONLY to make appointments when you arrive at the GD Rally.

Since we need a level site to weigh your RV, we cannot weigh at your campsite. We will get back with you by email or phone with more specific directions regarding this weighing site before you arrive, so look for information in your email inbox and/or check the RVSafety Rally Information page for maps.

For more information about getting weighed by wheel position please see our Information page.

If you have any questions please contact Bill and PJ Forbes - Weighing Specialists.

Weighing fee: $60 (Motorhome or Truck/Trailer Combinations)
Extra Vehicle: $40 (Car/Truck/SUV/Trailer Towed behind Motorhome)

Double check this to make sure it is correct!
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For Motorhomes - Want Towed Vehicle Weighed? ($40 add'l fee)